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creates a community where original art can be affordable and accessible

suggests pieces that are curated for each patron and help art students promote themselves and their work

2022fall - vxd2: ux/ui
user interface

narrowing down

current trends

- digital trust & safety (cybersecurity, ethical hacking, blockchain)
- using quantum principles to compute (rapid development & detection of viruses)
- merging physical and digital realities (AR & VR becoming as common as the internet)

- pollution increase (grow up to 45% by 2030)
- increase plastics recycling, increase biodegradable products
- decrease the use of fossil fuels in cars, the rise of e-cars & hybrid cars

- shifting shopping experience to social platforms (online shops, apps, streaming platforms...)
- demographic change (aging demographic - declining fertility rate)
- moving from global to local (sourcing resources locating as they run out around the world, back to pre-globalization)

50 big ideas

  1. clock in daily goals & activities to raise a digital plant/pet
  2. digital wallet to keep track of insurance and policies
  3. manage car status, when to oil change, smog test...
  4. find parking slots around the area with pricing

  5. collective school club app, new students to discover, current members, to communicate
  6. car locator when users forget where they parked
  7. one fact a day, u
sers can click in to read more if interested, collect, like, and comment with others
  8. plan vacations on one platform which helps to compare prices and recommend activities
  9. find and book a chef to cook according to users’ needs

10. cooking recipes with a list of needed supplies and foods that can be directly ordered and delivered to the door
11. help to finance, spending, budgeting, financial score, track transactions...
12. help users decide what to eat and locate restaurants around
13. bucket list generator, help create, locate, and plan for these wishes
14. mobile music app where users can share their favorite songs/playlists, sing karaoke...
15. communication within the neighborhood, requesting services, helps, and marketplace
16. penpal with the local community
17. farm-to-user grocery shop where users can directly buy from farms instead of going through big chain stores
18. input & output, an all-in-one app that records what goes in and out of the bank account, food users eat...

19. menstruation cycle tracking with options of different conditions (PCOS...) and direct contact to obgyn
20. music festival app to update performance time and notifications
21. where & what to donate items, without overcrowding certain donation centers/stores
22. pet management for new pet owners, update and notify vet visits, vaccine shots, bathroom times, events...
23. medicine delivery for those who might not be able to go to pharmacy stores & avoid standing in long lines
24. notifies users when surrounding museums have events or changes
25. identify and educate different types of waste and where they belong in the trash

26. urban farming at home, plan, track, and notify users accordingly
27. update the user on the most recent discounts and sales

28. library app where users can find/donate/take/borrow/purchase books from surrounding locations
29. bike rental around town
30. connect the user with a tattoo/piercing artist for appointment and aftercare tips
31. mood tracking through daily activities and sleep
32. locate volunteering events and activities around town
33. journal or diary that can later be printed out as a book

34. shared agenda between neighbors, friends, and family, easier to plan meetups or carpool
35. help students to improve time management
36. a platform for artists to sell work, provide services, or contact for freelance jobs
37. track social media followings and when is the best time to post for the most views and likes
38. auto color palette generator, can set limits: number of colors, warm/cool toned, the environment of usage...
39. subscription/purchase tracking, list subscription services, store credits, and coupons that need to be used
40. how to adult, mock game where teens/young adults will be given real-life scenarios to work through
41. select makeup/outfit looks for the user
42. self-care app where users can select what they most need to work on and provide professional help
43. quick services that can be done on mobile in restaurants where users don’t need to wait for waiters to come
44. streaming platform where users can watch movies together

45. reading tracker, record reading time, what book, and notes and lessons learned
46. tree hole, where users can write or audio record their troubles and annoyance
47. teach users about mortise and tenon joints, how they appear in real life, how to use them
48. scan food, breaks down calories, sugar, fat...
49. community locker at school

50. bus service for elderlies, track routes and location with relatives


initial idea

art next door
a platform where artist can directly sell their work, list commissions, and contact for freelance jobs.

- people think art is too far away from them
- people don’t know where to look when they want to purchase art pieces
- people might not have access to places to purchase art
- artists might not have a collective designated platform to show their work
- artist and customer might not have a way to directly communicate
- lacking conversation in the community to know what is going on and who lives beside

research interview

Untitled_Artwork 2.png

anita (buyer)

​graphic design student

instagram, artists’ websites, in-person

purchase art because really like their styles and want to support other smaller artists

I haven’t bought a ton of pieces online because RISD and Brown have student craft sales every year. They block off an entire road so students can have tables out and sell their products. I met a lot of new friends and got to know their art more during the sale, so I end up following them on instagram.

“risd is a really tiny community and her sales are doing good, a lot of people also know it by word of mouth”

“most people usually have a separate instagram art account where they sell their art and they would advertise what they’re selling onto their main account story”

wayne (buyer)

​graphic design student

instagram, artists’ websites, and sometimes local boutiques

purchase posters for dorm decoration and postcards to send to friends and family

one thing that annoys me is that I would love to get the original but it’s always just one copy and always sold before I can get my hands on it, then I would end up getting the print, I am not mad at it but the original would be nice.

“makes me happy to support some artists I love”

“I go on social media every day, so I browse and sometimes the discovery page will suggest me illustrations or art pieces that might interest me, that’s where I found some of the pieces I have.”

Untitled_Artwork 3_edited.png
Untitled_Artwork 5_edited.png

aily (seller)

​graphic design student

school fairs, website, instagram

sell school pieces that she can’t keep, and earn some extra money

I am still pretty busy with schoolwork, I haven’t put much effort into making them look nice or promoting them. So I only have a few sales on online platforms. I do wish I can work on them a bit more to look more professional, but it’s also a small audience that actually knows me and about my stuff.

“it’s hard to send off a piece that I have been working on for a few months”

“I’m not sure if Etsy is the best place for selling things like zines, it feels like more arts and crafts, less of design in a sense”

hilary (seller)

​freelance graphic designer, illustrator

sell illustrations and graphic pieces that can be manufactured to be something that has a larger target market

I would post products, information, and order link on twitter/weibo, mainly social media platforms that have large groups of customers. the process can get hectic when it comes to single orders. I basically rely on old customers, and sometimes new ones from social media. It’d be nice to have a more organized place for browsing and ordering without the commissions and extra fees.

“I treat this as a job so I need to make a profit with what I am doing.”

“I don’t like to list my products on already existing websites and platforms because they take a commission off each sale and they add up and end up being a large amount”

Untitled_Artwork 4.png

competitive landscape



develops and hosts numerous galleries as well as selling art. It utilizes a search engine and database to draw connections and map relationships among works of art.

- connection of global network of galleries
- new works added all the time
- notable for the range of prices
- easy to navigate and purchase items
- occasionally have auctions

- can have fake paintings
- harder for independent artists
- only sell gallery works
- slow to add work


enables artists to garner financial support for their work directly from the people who love it. The platform enables both the discovery of new artists and support for established artists, while leveraging learnings from ecommerce and crowdfunding to help artists make direct appeals to support their creative efforts.

- platform facilitates reward giving
- multiple subscription plans available
- get paid directly by the people
- no upfront cost for the artist

- no built-in promotional tools
- feel intimidated by the monthly commitment

Uprise Art

helps you discover original contemporary artwork by emerging artists for the spaces where you live and work. It also offers collectors to live with artwork while purchasing through monthly installments.

- combination of gallery & shop
- offers trade option
- easy to navigate layout
- talk with personal art advisor for free to curate for different settings/events

- no mobile application
- not open for all artists
- some pieces can be limited time


a global online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items. It is primarily used for selling vintage items, handmade goods, art, and crafts.

- easy to set up & maintain
- already trusted platform with huge audience
- offers built-in analytics
- low listings and transaction fees

- seller’s market could be saturated
- can only sell handmade and vintage items
- cannot customize bids
- somewhat messy market with large number of sellers & buyers

Slide 16_9 - 117.png

key findings

what did we learn?

social media takes a large part of the market
large market but hard to narrow down
variations and selections from trustworthy places
ng artist pieces instead of purchasing
in-person art fairs create opportunities

local community connects artists with people and other artists
broaden design to market to larger audience
some prefer to shop locally

what did we verify?

I like it, I buy it
student buyer has a bud
googling does not always work in finding artists
hard to find physical stores

lacking collective designated platform
need to keep in mind the manufacturing stage
hard to
promote self and works

surprising discovery?

shipping and delivery are largely considered during the purchasing process
social media algorithms can find users pieces they like and potentially purc
group buying can occur when a product faces much larger audience groups

journey maps


pain points & opportunities

trouble finding art that fits into requirements

- broaden selection
- advanced, 
detailed filtering system (not only keywords, materials, categories, and sizes... also include themes, colors, feelings, and shipping...)
- virtual gallery option for similar artworks and searches

question if the transaction is legitimate or not

- local transaction
- in-person purchase and delivery
- digital delivery
- 1:1 private chat with the artist
- real-time tracking on app

unable to sell artworks

virtual gallery for more exposure and views
- extended filtering system for specificity
- push artworks
suggested to users with similar interests and searches

lacking overall idea of the market and how to set price

- app ai to suggest price ranges for sellers to reference
- generate artworks with similar sizes, materials, and keywords to show sellers their selling prices

user scenarios



Slide 16_9 - 82.png

site maps & flows

Slide 16_9 - 112.png


Slide 16_9 - 117.png
Slide 16_9 - 116.png

identity guide

Slide 16_9 - 116_edited.jpg


Acquiring original artwork, directly from artists, can be expensive and many patrons simply don’t know how to find art that they love. Collage is a platform that seeks to help by re-imagining what the artwork shopping experience can be. By bringing art students and art lovers together, Collage creates a community where original art can be affordable and accessible. Our goal is to suggest pieces that are curated for each patron and help art students promote themselves and their work.

Slide 16_9 - 119.png

buyer scenario

Untitled_Artwork 3.png

sandy moves to a new city, wants to decorate room with a budget. she asks colleagues about where they buy their furnitures and decorations, hears about collage and downloads it

signs up as buyer with personal email and limit location and apply specific search filters

Untitled_Artwork 5.png

receives artwork through email

Untitled_Artwork 7.png

prints and decorates the room

click into interested post to browse / explore into virtual gallery that piece is included in and purchase

seller scenario

Untitled_Artwork 6.png
Untitled copy.png

amber is a college student who is wishing to earn some cash by selling her past school projects

she keeps her art pieces in her apartment where it’s running out of place

amber heard from classmates that they use collage to sell and purchase art

signs up with student email and uploads artist bio

takes artwork pictures and uploads for listing, enters virtual gallery and posts

Untitled_Artwork 4.png

contacts buyer to make sure order and delivery method and sends a confirmation to the buyer with artwork as digital delivery


image marks & posters

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