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a system in combination with wearable to improve and restore the harmony between human actions and nature

2023 interaction x fashion design | design future | Arduino


a communication device that protects horse-back riders from getting injured

2023 personal project | ux/ui | consumer electronics

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a sustainable developmental toy for children ages 6-36 months

2022 product design | toy design | life cycle assessment | group project

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the algorithmic seer

discuss what it means to “have your future told”

2023 personal project | interactive installation

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a system that helps new parents monitor, track, and help reduce their anxiety, including a smart bassinet for co-sleeping


2023 product capstone | ux/ui | baby product

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help eliminate problems and complications before, during, and after their pet ownership experience.

2021 personal project | ux/ui | user interface | service design


post pandemic petcare at home


a family of products make “alone time” less lonley for dogs


2021 product design | furniture | 3d modeling

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creates a community where original art can be affordable and accessible

2022 ux/ui | user interface 

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