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michelle bai

michelle bai

a product designer who loves to solve everyday problems by designing useful goods, furniture, and electronics with fun and minimal forms and intuitive experiences.


a communication device that protects horse-back riders from getting injured





2022 personal project | consumer electronics | ux/ui

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to create a system in combination with wearable to improve and restore the harmony between human actions and nature


2023 interaction x fashion design | design future | Arduino | group project


the algorithmic seer

a fortunetelling system that combines traditional divination and AI technology. It aims to discuss when people are seeking directions or ideas, if they will fit themselves into the general assumptions by the fortuneteller even if it is random.


2023 personal project | interactive installation | artificial intelligence


Reality Bites

an interactive game that empowers players to face their anxiety and stress by destroying ‘bad habit’ monsters appearing on others


2021 personal project | interactive game | mixed reality

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smooth ownership journey is just a click away for the users to help eliminate problems and complications before, during, and after their pet ownership experience


2021 personal project | ux/ui | service design | user interface

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a system that helps new parents monitor, track, and help reduce their anxiety, including a smart bassinet for co-sleeping


2023 personal project | consumer electronics | ux/ui

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we have been using resources from future generations. it is time to invest our resources for the next


2022 product design | toy design | life cycle assessment | group project

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post pandemic petcare at home


a family of products make “alone time” less lonley for dogs


2021 product design | furniture | 3d modeling

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creates a community where original art can be affordable and accessible

suggests pieces that are curated for each patron and help art students promote themselves and their work


2022fall - vxd2: ux/ui | user interface

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